I am forever shouting from the rooftops because your health matters. Explore some of my recent media appearances below.

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Learn to eat and heal with intention. My integrative and compassionate approach to functional nutrition and body positivity will help you to sort through nutrition confusion so you can make autonomous food decisions every time you eat.

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Media Features

How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way with Michelle Shapiro RD

How To Deal With Your Stress + Get Anxiety Proof

between meals

Hosted by Beth Manos Brickey, RYT, NTP

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Functional Nutrition While Body Positive? + The Weight Loss Convo


Hosted by Allie Hobson & Chelsea Gross

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The Doctor mom podcast

Hosted by Dr. Elana Roumell, ND & Steph Greunke, RD

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The Gut-Brain-Anxiety Cycle + Body Image

unbreakable you podcast

Hosted by Meg Doll

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Conquering Stress and Anxiety with Michelle Shapiro

upliftfit nutrition

Hosted by Lacey Dunn RD

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Gut Health, Reversing Anxiety, & Body Neutrality Michelle Shapiro

the alignment show

Hosted by Melissa Ebling & Lexi DeYoung

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How To Lose Weight The Loving Way

the well conversation

Hosted by Dr. Maillie Devlin & Dr. Christine Chung

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Healing Adrenal Fatigue and Leaky Gut with Michelle Shapiro, RD

tips with toni podcast

Hosted by Toni Marinucci RD

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Anxiety + Gut with Michelle Shapiro RD

The dude therapist

Hosted by Eli Weinstein, LCSW

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Don't Treat Symptoms, Treat The Cause

the wellness revolution podcast

Hosted by Amber Shaw

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Listening to Your Body's Needs

fuel your strength

Hosted by Steph Gaudreau

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Work Smarter, Not Harder with Michelle Shapiro, RD

dietitian boss

Hosted by Libby Rothschild

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