QTD: A Revolutionary Approach to Binge Eating

Season 4 Episode 1 of Quiet the Diet Podcast with Michelle Shapiro, RD and Nicki Parlitsis, RD

Binge Eating: A Revolutionary Approach for Those Who Feel Out of Control

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In this week’s episode of Quiet the Diet, Michelle and Nicki get into one of their favorite topics of all time: binge eating. They believe that it’s time to stop viewing binge eating through a lens of shame and disgust and, instead, have empathy for the fact that binge eating is a protective mechanism. In this episode, Michelle and Nicki discuss traditional treatment for binge eating (and the pitfalls that come along with it), the physical and psychological components of a binge, and the strategies that they believe are the key to transforming binge eating behaviors.

They discuss:

  • The three traditional approaches to binge eating treatment and why it’s not a one size fits all approach [11:45]
  • Binge eating disorders are not always due to restriction [13:36]
  • How certain foods, particularly hyper palatable ones, can lead to binge eating episodes [15:24]
  • The relationship between feeling unsafe and binge eating [23:40]
  • What’s happening emotionally and physically before, during and after a binge [27:02]
  • How binge eating can serve as a protective mechanism [42:17]
  • Why we should meet binge episodes with curiosity vs from a negative lens [46:08]
  • The impact of a somatic approach and tuning in to our body to transform binge eating behaviors [53:13]
  • How experiencing binge eating without judgment IS the transformation [1:02:43]

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