Signs of Blood Sugar Imbalance & How to Keep It Stable

Did you know that anxiety, fatigue and carb cravings may actually be signs that your blood sugar isn’t balanced? Stabilizing your blood sugar is one of the single best things that you can do for your health, especially as a woman. It helps to keep your brain healthy, energy levels stable and your mood balanced, […]


3 Herbs Everyone Can Benefit From

3 Herbs Everyone Can Benefit From We chatted with our favorite herbalista, Olivia Amitrano of Organic Olivia, about all things herbal medicine and how we can incorporate more herbs into our daily lives. Olivia’s brand is a modern spin on traditional herbalism and makes something so nuanced and complicated really digestible, which we’re all about. […]

Kitchen Herbalism with Olivia Amitrano (Organic Olivia) and Michelle Shapiro RD on Quiet the Diet


QTD: Herbs for Holistic Healing with Organic Olivia

Season 2 Episode 6 of Quiet the Diet Podcast with Michelle Shapiro, RD and Olivia Amitrano (Organic Olivia) Herbs for Holistic Healing with Organic Olivia In this episode, Michelle does a deep dive into “Kitchen Herbalism” with Olivia Amitrano, founder of Organic Olivia. Olivia explains what holistic health actually means, and how to make herbalism […]

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