QTD: Weight Loss Resistance

Season 4 Episode 2 of Quiet the Diet Podcast with Michelle Shapiro, RD and Alexis Cowan PhD Weight Loss Resistance: The Interplay of Stress, Gut Health, Circadian Rhythms, and Nutrition On Our Overall Health with Dr. Alexis Cowan, PhD Listen on: Apple | Spotify | Web playerWatch on Youtube In this week’s episode of Quiet the […]


The Benefits of Skeletal Muscle and How to Build More of It

Shifting your attention from fat to muscle tissue can be really empowering. Gabrielle Lyon likes to say “we’re not overweight, we’re undermuscled”. So today we’re going to dive deep into the importance of muscle and why we need it from a physiological standpoint. To start with the basics, there are a few key types of […]


3 Herbs Everyone Can Benefit From

3 Herbs Everyone Can Benefit From We chatted with our favorite herbalista, Olivia Amitrano of Organic Olivia, about all things herbal medicine and how we can incorporate more herbs into our daily lives. Olivia’s brand is a modern spin on traditional herbalism and makes something so nuanced and complicated really digestible, which we’re all about. […]

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