QTD: Lymphatic Drainage and Massage

Season 4 Episode 4 of Quiet the Diet Podcast with Michelle Shapiro, RD and Leah Levitan

Lymphatic Drainage and Massage: The Truth about Detoxification, Drainage and Our Immune System with Leah Levitan

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In this week’s episode of Quiet the Diet, Michelle sat down with Leah Levitan, a lymphatic drainage expert whose holistic healing journey began with her mother’s battle with breast cancer. She dispels common misconceptions, explains the role our lymphatic system plays in toxin removal, and underlines the importance of movement and nutrition in the detoxification process.

They discuss:

  • What the lymphatic system is and how it serves as an accessory to liver and kidney function
  • What happens to the lymphatic system when detox organs fail
  • Lymphatic drainage-how it actually works and what is happening in the body
  • The impact of simple movement on lymphatic drainage and health
  • The critical importance of supporting detox with nutrients and movement
  • How the lymphatic system is connected to our nervous system and impacted by thoughts and emotions
  • Fascia and it’s critical role in the body’s cohesion and flexibility
  • The function of the lymphatic system in digestion
  • Is castor oil effective for drainage and detoxification?
  • Why habit stacking with multiple detox methods may be doing more harm than good
  • Traditional massage vs lymphatic massage- is there a place for both?

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