QTD: What Is A Highly Sensitive Body?

Season 4 Episode 7 of Quiet the Diet Podcast with Michelle Shapiro, RD

What Is A Highly Sensitive Body? (And My Story Healing in One)

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This may be the most vulnerable episode of Quiet the Diet yet. Michelle is sharing her own story of living in a highly sensitive body and navigating mystery symptoms that left her searching for answers after the typical treatment protocols not only didn’t work but actually made things worse. If you’ve ever felt hopeless when it comes to your health and or like you’re in an information blackout when seeking answers, this episode is for you. 

Michelle discusses:

  • Her personal experience navigating mystery symptoms and new health challenges
  • How to heal from mold illness and interpret her body’s adverse reaction to detox protocols
  • Why a seemingly routine chiropractic adjustment landed her in the ER
  • How to connect the dots between POTS, MCAS, and Hypermobility
  • The power of taking radical responsibility for our own health
  • How to understand the triggers of conditions like MCAS
  • What it means to live in a highly sensitive body

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