QTD: Nervous System Support

Season 4 Episode 8 of Quiet the Diet Podcast with Michelle Shapiro, RD and Christine Coen, RD

Nervous System Support: Using Somatic Practices to Manage Stress and Build Resilience with Christine Coen

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Are you feeling stuck in fight or flight? Do you struggle with managing stress in your daily life? Are you skeptical if somatic practices can actually transform your mental health?

Christine Coen, a movement coach and holistic dietitian, joins Michelle on this week’s episode of Quiet the Diet podcast to discuss how learning to connect with your body not only helps in coping with immediate stress but also enhances long-term emotional resilience.

We discuss:

  • Christine’s transition from a conventional dietitian to a holistic practitioner focusing on stress management and mental health
  • The pivotal role of movement in overcoming mental health struggles and its profound impact on Christine’s life
  • The importance of self-advocacy and intuition in healing
  • The significance of recognizing stress as a tangible factor in health rather than just an ambiguous concept
  • Exploring the nervous system’s response to our environment and the foundational role of feeling safe in our health
  • What embodiment means and how it can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms in the longterm
  • Common misconceptions about cortisol and what high and low cortisol can look like
  • The connection between cortisol and our nervous system
  • How cortisol interfaces with other hormones like insulin, thyroid, and sex hormones
  • How leaning into our stress responses such as fight, flight, freeze and shut down can help us move through them
  • Practical somatic practices that can be integrated into daily life to help manage stress and anxiety
  • Christine’s insights on shifting from external validations to trusting one’s intuition and inner guidance in life decisions
  • Strategies for nurturing a positive mental state and the importance of embodying feelings of safety and joy
  • Michelle’s favorite somatic tool

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