QTD: Understanding Dizziness

Season 4 Episode 11 of Quiet the Diet Podcast with Michelle Shapiro, RD and Taylor Goldberg

Understanding Dizziness: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions with Taylor Goldberg

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Do you find yourself getting randomly dizzy? Managing dizziness starts with understanding the underlying root causes that could be at play.

Taylor Goldberg, a chiropractor turned hypermobility coach, joins Michelle on this week’s episode of the Quiet the Diet podcast to explore the common causes of dizziness, its impact on your daily life, and practical solutions for managing and alleviating your symptoms.

We discuss:

  • Understanding the distinction between vertigo and other types of dizziness
  • Key symptoms of peripheral vertigo versus central dizziness and the role of the vestibular system 
  • Dizziness in hypermobility and related conditions like MCAS and POTS
  • What is proprioception and how it affects dizziness and balance
  • Strategies to improve proprioception at home
  • The connection between vision issues and dizziness
  • Techniques to manage dizziness through non-reactivity
  • Common triggers and warning signs of dizziness
  • Impact of histamines and mast cells on dizziness
  • Different types of POTS and their relation to dizziness
  • Practical tips for using compression and positioning to alleviate symptoms
  • Importance of understanding your body’s signals and triggers

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