QTD: Detoxification

Season 4 Episode 9 of Quiet the Diet Podcast with Michelle Shapiro, RD and Dr. John Kim

Detoxification with Functional Medicine Pharmacist Dr. John Kim

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Are your daily habits undermining your health? Have you ever wondered if your detox routine might actually be harmful? Or maybe you’ve questioned the effectiveness of your supplements?

Dr. John Kim, a functional medicine pharmacist and advocate for holistic health, joins Michelle on this week’s episode of Quiet the Diet podcast to discuss how detox, drainage, and addressing environmental impacts contribute to optimal health.

We discuss:

  •  Dr. Kim’s transition from traditional to functional medicine, particularly in the area of hormone therapy
  •  The pitfalls of over-relying on medication to manage health conditions without considering lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, and stress
  •  The role of the liver, kidneys, skin, and bowels in detoxification
  •  Insights on effective detox practices and the principles of drainage
  •  The significance of cellular health and the need for proper fatty acid balance
  •  How over supplementation of vitamin D can cause inflammation
  •  Do you really need a parasite cleanse?
  •  What to do if you suspect mold in your home
  •  Things you can do now to support effective detox and drainage
  •  Encouragement to not overcomplicate our approaches to health and focus on the basics

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